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Jane Evans

Jane Evans

born 1823, Wick, Glamorgan

married John Jenkins 22 November, 1848 in Wick

died between 1881 and 1891 in Bridgend



John 1849-1849

William  c 21 April 1850

Charles c December 1851

John c 15 May 1853

Edward b ca 1854

Mary Jane b ca 1858

Annie Maria b ca 1860

Elizabeth Ann b ca 1862

George Duncan b 1865

Margaret Louisa b March 9 1866

Sidney Alban b 1868




Some Parish register transcriptions

Marriage Certificate

Censuses for the years 1851-1881

Daughter Margaret’s birth certificate



Hebrew meaning ‘Jehovah has favoured’.  The feminine form of John which apparently comes to us via the old French form - Jehane.  An all-time favourite name.  


Jan, Jana, Janet, Janis


Jan, Janey - not much you can do with Jane


Early life


The children


Jane Evans

William Evans

Margaret Richard?

John Jenkins

Margaret Louisa Jenkins


The Vale of Glamorgan


A plain name, and most probably a plain life - a hard life anyway.  Eleven children, the first five, (all boys) one every year.  The portrait above is of the artist’s sister - the artist being Vilhelm Hammershøi.  He is Danish and it was painted in 1887, so therefore not really an accurate representation of time and place - Jane would have been in her 60s by then, but it is sufficiently plain to be timeless and placeless I feel.

Jane was born in Wick - a small village outside Bridgend.  Of her early life I know little, and I must confess that what I have put here is largely imagined from the barest of facts.  Then she married and had lots of children, whilst following her husband around southern Wales.  She died in her late 60s, though I have yet to confirm the actual date.  She is the kind of ancestor we all ignore - nothing remarkable in her life at all - but it was the kind of life lived by the majority of poor women of the time, and should be recognised for that, and for the quite remarkable achievement of bringing up so many children with so little.

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