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Thomas Wolfe

Thomas Wolfe

c  2 October 1778 Warblington

m Maria Harfield 13 May 1811 Westbourne

m Sarah Pink 1 August 1838 Chichester

m Sarah Harfield 16 April 1845 Westbourne

d 18 January 1847 Prinsted



Maria Ann Harfield  1812-?

Mary Ellen  1815-1878

Elizabeth Wilson 1817-?

Thomas William 1819-?

Henry Edwin 1820-?

Charles Thomas 1822-?

Martha Jane 1824-?

William Harfield 1826-?

John Wilson 1828-?

George Augustus 1830-?



Baptism record

Marriage certificates

Baptism records of children

Royal Navy records




From the Aramaic meaning twin.  After Thomas the Apostle’s doubt it was not a popular name until Thomas s Beckett redeemed it - and since then it has been a very popular name - it still is.  He may have been named for an uncle


Tomas, Tomlin


Tom, Tommy, Tam, Macey

Thomas Wolfe was an interesting man in all sorts of ways.  Well he might have actually been boring, but he led an interesting life because he was a sailor in the Royal Navy at the time of the Napoleonic Wars and seems to have been involved in a few battles, but not the big one - Trafalgar.  So he is not the man of family legend who served at Trafalgar.  Indeed I have yet to find this person.  He did rise to the position of Master though.

He married three times - the last to his sister-in-law, which I thought was forbidden at the time.  All of his children come from his first marriage though.  

John_Fryer master of Bounty.jpg


Before marriage

After marriage


Thomas Wolfe

William Woolfe

Mary Hedger

Maria Harfield

Mary Ellen Wolfe

Emsworth and Warblington

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