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Social history

The things our ancestors did and lived through


These are the additional fascinating things that one learns when one starts delving into family history.  Stuff about the jobs they did, the times they lived in.  Sometimes it’s just incidental knowledge not worth delving into further and this is generally dealt with in the individual stories, but sometimes one wants to know more.  And so I have added a few pages here and there on topics of interest.  This is an index to those pages.


Mostly the pages are pretty light on factual information because I am no expert and my aim is not to provide in-depth research, but I have tried to make them interesting to look at by illustrating them with contemporary prints, photos, illustrations of all kinds, and I have also tried to make them useful if you do want to know more, by providing links to ‘expert’ sites.


As well as this index page, you will find links to pages of relevance to the ancestor whose story you are reading.  The alphabetical list on the right will no doubt grow as the site does.  And I have to confess that many of these pages have been started in a fit of enthusiasm but not completed, indeed several are mere placemarkers.  Must get on to it.

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