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Where we come from



As I have progressed through the family history I have come to know places I did not really know existed before.  Some places are significant for several generations in the family.  Some are important for just a time.  But they are as important as the ancestors themselves.  It is not just our genes, and our parents’ lives that influence us.  It is also our environment that shapes us and contributes to making us who we are.


One thing I have found in working on this section.  There is a huge pride in place out there.  Most of the places I have investigated have turned up all sorts of websites on them - some from dedicated individuals, some from interested groups.  I have tried to find them all and posted links to the websites.  If I have missed you out, please let me know.  I am more than happy to include you.  For really my pages are not meant to be exhaustive - just indicative of the flavour and the history of a place.


So here is a little bit about the places that have been significant to our ancestors.  An index on the left and a few general links below.

I should say that I am still in the process of transferring content from my old website, and have only just started on the places.  And even on my old website some of those places were more or less just bookmarks - so very much a work in progress, but I will try to update and expand.

The place names in bold have been completed and are available to view.  The others are still coming.

Some general links on places


British History Online - includes the wonderful Victoria County History

A Vision of Britain - Statistical data, maps, travel writing and links to much more

Genuki - first stop for anything historical you want to know about a place in the British Isles

Genmaps - links to old maps

Mapco - more old maps, this time a little more limited and centred on the south-east

Geograph - a project to photograph every square inch of the United Kingdom and Ireland

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