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County Antrim?, Norwich, London, Southend-on-sea

Magee is an Irish name and, indeed, it seems that our branch of the family does indeed come from Ireland.  However, at this stage in the game, we have no idea from where (maybe County Antrim in the north).  It would seem that our currently earliest known Magee was probably recruited into the army, married a Norfolk girl and stayed on in England.  But the family was poor - labourers, gardeners, policemen, with one generation dying in the workhouse,  until the last one in our direct line, the reputedly beautiful Maude Beatrice Magee married into the bourgeoisie.  Tragedy, and, possibly, scandal, followed her too and the pieces of her life are still being put together.  We have yet to find the remaining Magees, from her siblings and aunts and uncles.  So - poor but not without interest.

John Magee ca 1786-1863?

Roger James Magee 1814-1897

John James Magee 1847-1915

Maude Beatrice Magee  1884-1925


meaning and origins

A Gaelic name which is Irish, Manx and Scottish.  The ‘Mag’ bit is like ‘mac’ and means ‘son of’.  The other bit of the name is from Aodh meaning ‘fire’ and a version of Hugh, and also originally the name of a pagan god.  Can’t say I see the connection between Aodh and Gee!  The Irish branch, of which ours seems to be part are apparently from Ulster, and in particular, the borders of Donegal and Tyrone, although I am not certain of this.


McGee, McGhee, McGhie, Moggie, McGahey

distribution in England and Wales

In 1891 the Magees were concentrated in Lancashire - not surprising as Liverpool would have been the entry point for the Irish into England.  Next were Yorkshire and Durham (next door), though they are pretty widespread throughout England and Wales.

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