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Brick walls


questions, questions, questions


Sooner or later in family history research we come to a dead end, a brick wall.  Try as we might we just don't seem to be able to get back further.  Of course new information is constantly being added to the net, but nevertheless it is sometimes difficult.

Mostly it's just not being able to get back to that next generation, but sometimes it's just finding out more about the people we have already discovered, their motivations, their families, their work.  I have found that many of my 'breakthroughs' have come via the help of others who have stumbled across my problem somehow.  A few of my ancestral lines have now formed little self-help groups in which we combine our thoughts and our research.  And this is what I hope to be doing here.  

I have opted for a blog format because this will allow you to leave comments and questions and I will be notified of these.  I shall be posing my own questions of course.  

Each 'post' will be dedicated to a particular surname although in some cases there will be more than one 'post' per surname.  You should be able to find the surname in the list of categories above the feed.

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