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Emma Mollett ca 1816-1879

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Emma Mollett was a milliner, eventually a milliner/dressmaker with her own business in partnership with one Elizabeth Hewitt. She never married or had children, and so is one of those people whose story will probably never be explored. No descendants - so why would you be interested?

I am interested because who she is may help in determining the parentage of my direct ancestor Robert Mollett the pastry cook. You see we first found her in Abney Park cemetery in Stoke Newington where Robert and many of his family are buried. Then in the 1841 census, there she was at the end of the family list and older than the other children, so most likely not one of Robert's own children, but related somehow. But how?

I have traced her later life as a milliner and dressmaker - always with Elizabeth - more than a business partner perhaps, and even found probate for her. She left quite a lot of money - most probably to Elizabeth. But I have not yet found the will.

She could be the daughter of one John (Trusson) Mollett and Elizabeth Hughes. John was a brandy merchant and victualler who went bankrupt and possibly died, young. His wife too. But who is he? Or she may be the daughter of Anna Maria Mollett and Samuel Culley born in 1814 in Southwark. I think illegitimate. Now Robert had a sister Anna Maria - so is Emma her daughter?

Anyway if you do know anything do let me know. Leave a comment with a contact and let me know. My email contact is on the Contact page and in the website footer.

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