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Robert Mollett 1783 or 4-1866


The rather beautiful portrait above is of the real man.  I do not know who drew it, and I have temporarily forgotten who was the wonderful lost relative who sent it to me.  Sincere apologies - I shall dredge through my files to find out and make the proper acknowledgement.

He looks kindly does he not?  And I think he was.

Robert was a pastry cook, born to poor parents in Norwich.  Well there is still a slight bit of doubt about his parentage which I shall come to, in his story, but it does not affect the Mollett line as the two contenders as father are cousins and therefore his great-grandfather would have been the same man, whichever Robert was his father.

For most of his working life he had a shop on Skinner Street in London's Holborn district and he must have prospered because by the time he died he was calling himself a gentleman.  And indeed he did seem to have various investments.

He was married twice for his first wife, Elizabeth Foster died, I think either in childbirth or from complications arising from childbirth, although records of her burial are lost.  A few years later he married a much younger lady who took on his small family of three boys and gave him three more sons and two daughters, although sadly all three of these sons died before he did.  She must have been a loving woman for her stepson John, my great great grandfather named one of his children after her.

I now believe that this was the man responsible for the modest prosperity of my part of the Mollett family until my grandfather's time.  Other branches did better.  A really interesting man.

Robert Mollett

c 30 December 1783,

St. Benedict, Norwich

m Elizabeth Foster/Forster 

12 February, 1804, Lambeth

m Lucy Farr 

8 January, 1817, St. Sepulchre

d 5 August 1866,

Stoke Newington

bu  11 August 1866 

Abney Park Cemetery,

Stoke Newington



John (1804-1869)

Robert (1804-1876)

William (1806-1868)

Henry George (1819-1850)

Isaac Farr (1821-1857)

Edward (1823-1824)

Lucy (Louisa) (1825-1875)

Emily Ann (1828-1917)



Baptism image

Marriages to Elizabeth Foster and Lucy Farr

Baptisms of children

Death certificate

Census records for 1841-1851

Various items in newspapers

Directory entries


Tombstone inscription



Teutonic meaning ‘fame bright’.  It probably came to England with the Normans, and travelled to Scotland where it is a favourite name.  This Robert was named for his father.


Robert, Robin, Roberts, Robinson


Robbie, Bob, Bobby, Robbo, Robin



Marriage number 1

The between years

Marriage number 2

Old age and death

The children (1)

The children (2)


Robert Mollett 1746 or 48 - 1816 or 1829

Temperance Boast/Bast/Bost/Base or 

Phoebe Sparden

Elizabeth Foster

Lucy Farr

John Mollett

Holborn and Skinner Street



Stoke Newington

Cooks/pastry cooks/confectioners

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