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Lazarus Jenkin ca 1739-1823

William Jenkins ca 1781-1836

John Jenkins 1822-1889?

Margaret Louisa Jenkins 1866-1913?


meaning and origins

Although now, largely considered to be a Welsh name, the name actually has its origins in Engish.  It is a double diminutive - i.e. Jenkin was originally a forename meaning son of John or little John.  The ‘kin’ bit is a Flemish import.  (other examples are Perkin, Hopkin, Watkin).  Later, a son of Jenkin would take his father’s name as a surname, and add the s to show he was the son - double diminutive!  It is apparently almost unknown in north west Wales.


Jenkin, Jenkins, Jenkyn, Jencken, Junkin

distribution in England and Wales

In 1891 the Jenkins’ were indeed concentrated in Wales - and particularly Glamorgan and Monmouthshire, followed by the adjacent counties of Carmarthen and Cardigan.  Then of course there is always London.

A grandmother who was never known or known about, from the beautiful countryside of Glamorgan where the family seems to have originated.  A distant ancestor with the tantalising name of Lazarus with a wife with the name of one of Wales’ most distinguished families - the Turbevilles, though he was but a poor agricultural labourer.  Not much is known about the next generation, but the great grandfather (John) is trackable - a wandering man - at least around South Wales.   


So country people - the peasants who kept the rural economy of Wales going, and the aristocrats in their country estates, furnished with food - and money.

Glamorgan, Wales
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