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John Jenkins

John Jenkins

b 1822 Bonvilston, Glamorgan

c 28 July, St. Nicholas, Glamorgan

m Jane Evans 22 November 1848, Wick, Glamorgan

d 1888 Bridgend, Glamorgan?



John 18849-1849

William 1850-?

Charles 1851-1875?

John 1853-?

Edward 1854-1875?

Mary Jane 18958-?

Annie Maria 1860-?

Elizabeth Ann 1862-?

George Duncan 1865-?

Margaret Louisa 1866-1922

Sidney Alban 1868-?




Parish christening record

Marriage certificate

Census for 1851-1881

Birth certificate of Margaret Louisa



Hebrew meaning ‘favoured of God’.  An all-time favourite name.  II do not know who he is named after - if anyone, but he did pass it on to two sons, one of whom died as a baby


Jon, Jonathan, Johan, Jean


Johnny, Johnno, Jack

The portrait above is of a poet I believe, so not at all the right kind of person, for John was a working man.  I also suspect it is from a later time than our John’s.  However, the face somehow matches with my perception of John - a man of many trades and places.  A restless soul perhaps.


Jenkins, of course is a common Welsh name and John is a hugely popular name, even now.  And his wife’s name is no more unusual - Jane Evans.  So not easy tracking them down, but with the help of the Glamorgan Family History Society I did indeed track them down - at least in their later lives, though their early lives are somewhat more hazy.  A country boy who, in later life, settled in Bridgend - perhaps to be near his daughter Margaret.  One of the records we have describes his occupation as Traveller and I think this is what he was - not literally in the Gypsy sense - but someone who liked to move around.


I don’t know a lot about him really but I will try to construct a story out of the few facts I have.  And maybe more have come to light since I last looked.

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