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Margaret Louisa Jenkins

Margaret Louisa Jenkins

b 9 March 1866, 50 Cardiff Road, Aberdare, Glamorgan, Wales.

James John Dearman 13 September 1886 Cardiff

d 1922 Bridgend, Glamorgan



Arthur John 1887-1962

William Ewart 1890-1937

Alfred James 1891-1972

Grace 1893-1980

Sydney Alban 1894-?

Blanche Winifred 1896-ca 1980

Sydney Alban 1900-11941

George Oswald 1902-1980

Netta Louise 1907-1933




Birth certificate

Marriage certificate

Census for 1871, 1881,1891, 1901

Birth certificate of Arthur John

Husband’s death certificate



Latin, from Greek, from Persian and meaning ‘pearl’.  A very old name and the name of the saint who used to be appealed to in childbirth.  It has given rise to a host of alternative names.  Our Margaret’s name was spelt the Welsh way in one census - Margrett, but everywhere else it has the usual spelling.


Margarita, Margot, Margrethe, 


Maggie, Margy, Peggy, Meg, Peg.




The latinised form of Louise, which is the female form of the French Louis, meaning ‘to hear’ and ‘to fight’.


Louise, Eloise, Heloise, Luisa


Lou, Lulu, Louie

Who knows who the rather beautiful young girl in the portrait above is.  The picture is called Flossie and was painted by Charles Dickens’ daughter Kate Perugini in the late nineteenth century.  Whoever it is, it is not Margaret Louisa Jenkins who was probably quite different, but I have no pictures, no memories from anyone who knew her, and only the basic facts, so I chose this picture to represent how I see her in my mind - so a totally imagined person.  She was also a woman and as such has no recorded job.  She is one of the grandmothers and the beginning of the connection with Wales.


Margaret Louisa Jenkins was long dead by the time her grandchildren by her oldest son’s second marriage were born.  Also her son had long ago left Wales, and so his children grew up knowing nothing of their Welsh relatives.  We live in hope that gradually we shall regain contact and find out more about her, but until then I can only go on the usual life facts - birth, marriage, death, censuses, children and hope to build up a picture from these.


This story will not be long - and it will be the story of an ‘ordinary’ woman.  Let her stand in for all the women of her age and upbringing.  Click on the links below to read more.

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