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meaning and origins

The s on the end means this is a ‘son of’ kind of surname - so son of Evan, which is the Welsh form of John (Ifan), which is a gift of god.  



distribution in England and Wales

It’s the 8th most common surname in the United Kingdom and reaches the height of its popularity in Swansea.

Not a lot to say on the Evans branch of the family.  Jane is my husband’s great-grandmother via his father and father’s mother.  With a name like Jane, a surname like Evans (in Wales) and a father with the name William it is not much surprise that I have not been able to get very far in my researches.


What I do know is that they came from the villages of southern Glamorgan between Bridgend and Cardiff and were humble folk.  

Glamorgan, Wales




The Vale of Glamorgan


William Evans (c 1795)

Jane Evans 1823-1890

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