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John William Washington Nason

John William Washington Nason

b ca 1847

Sarah Frances Bateman

3 August 1871 Monkstown, Dublin

d 1876 Dublin



No name girl 1872-1872

Ethel F. Maude 1873-?

Kate Evelyn 1875-1933



Marriage certificate

Kate’s birth certificate

Secrets of the 43 Club by Kate Meyrick



Hebrew meaning ‘favoured of God’.  An all-time favourite name.  In his case he was probably named after his paternal grandfather.


Jon, Jonathan, Johan, Jean


Johnny, Johnno, Jack




An extremely common name in the 19th century.  It is apparently Teutonic in origin meaning will and resolve, but was taken to England by the Normans as Guillaume.  His father was called William.


Guillaume, Gwilym, Wilhelm


Bill, Will, Wills is a current version.




Washington is simultaneously a place name and a surname.  It comes form the old English meaning the place or farm of the folk of Wasa. It appears here and there in the Nason family, so presumable somewhere in the family tree, somebody married a Washington.



No this is not a photograph of John William Washington Nason, it is an unnamed portrait of a young man ca1870, but I think it is probably pretty representative of a type, so I hope this young man’s descendants will forgive me for its use.  Not much is known about John William Washington and initially in my researches I became mightily confused because there is yet another John William Washington Nason (in Cork) having children at the same time as our John.  Was it the same person I wondered, with two families in two different places?  Surely there can’t be two people with such a distinctive name.  But indeed there were - and I think they were cousins of some kind.


Our John William Washington’s life was short.  He was only 29 when he died and details are in short supply, but I will do what I can with what I have.

John William Washington Nason

A short life

The children

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