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Frederick John Ellis



Old German meaning peace and ruler (how can you have both at once?).  Lots of Prussian kings were called Frederick - but it was just a common name of the time I think.


Frederik, Friedrich,


Fred, Freddy, Freddo, Frodo?, Ferdy




Hebrew meaning ‘favoured of God” and one of the all time favourite names.  His second son was named Leslie John so John may well be a family name


Jon, Jonathan, Johan, Jean


Johnny, Jack, Johnno to the Australians

Frederick John Ellis

b 21 December, 1873 Hastings

Alice Maud Richards

19 December 1909  Portsmouth

d 10 April 1932, Portsmouth



Olive Alice 1913-1985

Freda Jessie 1914-2006

James Frederick 1916-1918

Kathleen May 1919-2001

Leslie John 1922-1993

Nora Winifred (1924-)



Birth certificate and baptism

Marriage certificate

Death certificate

Census for 1891, 1901, 1911

Birth certificates of all the children


One of the two grandfathers that I didn’t know.  But at least my mother and her sisters spoke about him occasionally, and my grandmother too.  We also have just this one photograph, which is actually part of a larger one - he and his wife and their first baby, my mother.


In his photograph he looks quite genial, but the stories I remember were of an archetypal Victorian sort of father - severe and to be obeyed at all times.  But later in life, my aunt said that although this was true to a point, he really just wanted the best for his children.


He was a member of the Salvation Army - where he met my grandmother no doubt, so he can’t have been that bad a person.  A stevedore in the Portsmouth docks so he must have had a responsible position.  So most probably a proud, working class man working hard to lift his family above the station into which they had been born and in which he himself grew up.  His early life is a bit of a mystery because the crucial 1881 census record is missing.

Frederick John Ellis




The children

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