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Dulwich (under construction)


Dulwich village overview - This local real estate agent has a nicely laid out introduction to Dulwich - mostly how it is today, but there are some interesting little historical facts in there too

Dulwich Picture Gallery - England's first public picture gallery has an impressive collection of art, including Rembrand, Rubens and Poussin

Dulwich College - Founded in 1619 this prestigious public school is not qute in the top rank but near it.

British History Online: Peckham and Dulwich - From Old and New London published in 1898 comes this detailed description and history of the area

The Dulwich Society  - a local group which is mainly concerned with preserving heritage, but also in creating a sens of community.  Their site has lots of information about Dulwich - then and now.

Hidden London -   a brief overview of Dulwich Village, rather than Dulwich as a whole, with particular emphasis on the role of Dulwich College

Ideal Homes - as always  this excellent site gives a really interesting and comprehensive view of the growth of Dulwich in the nineteenth century

The Dulwich Estate - this charity was set up by the founder of Dulwich College Edwared Alleyn and is responsible for administering the estate - has some interesting historical information

Dulwich History and Romance: AD967-1922 - an internet archive digitised book by Edwin Thomas Hall - with pictures

Dulwich on View  - a blog on cultural happenings in Dulwich.  It's been going for eight years now and has won awards.

dulwich village rob adams .jpg

Dulwich Village by Rob Adams

As a child I used to visit, with my family, my two great aunts who lived in the old family home in Belvoir Road, Dulwich.  They seemed very, very ancient and the house was very Victorian - dark and stuffed with things including a parrot.  Dulwich was genteel but with a faded kind of gentility.  I suspect it is posher now.  Well it seems there is Dulwich Village and then there is the rest and I think the two are not the same at all.  

Dulwich village is definitely posh with large mansions, parks, greenery and trendy shops - not to mention prestigious Dulwich College, Dulwich Gallery and the Tollgate.  All resulting, it seems from the founding of Dulwich College in 1619 by Edward Alleyn as 

Dilwihs which means dill meadow.

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