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Ann Martin

Ann Martin

b 1815 London

m William Henry Warner August 25 1833 St. Pancras, London

m James Hopkins March 23 1854 Hackney, London

d 19010 Greenwich


Clara 1834-?

William Thomas 1836-1838

Martha Ann 1842-?

Charlotte 1844-1845

Mary Ann 1845-1927

Catherine Eliza 1848-1933

Henrietta 1850-?


Parish record for first marriage

Marriage certificate for second marriage

Census frecords 1841-1891

Some baptism records

Birth certificate of Catherine Eliza



Hebrew meaning ‘grace’ and one of the all time popular names maybe because it was supposed to be the name of the Virgin Mary’s mother.  I am not sure who this particular Ann was named for.


Anna, Annette, Annabelle, Annika, Anita 


Annie, Nancy, Nan

This lady’s life would have been hard and Vincent van Gogh’s portrait hopefully shows that.  Humble origins, a husband who died relatively young, leaving her with a family of girls to provide for, and a rescue from destitution, no doubt, with a second marriage to an older man.  It’s a familiar enough story but as always with little unique touches.


Ann Martin is my great-great-grandmother on the Magee maternal side and the beginning of another line, which in this case does not go back very far.  It’s too common a name to make it easy.  So currently I am stuck.  Her story is a common, ordinary one, and yet what a remarkable person she must have been to have survived it all into old age.  History is full of these unsung heroines.  Without their determination and love of their children we would not be here today.


Before marriage

Marriage no. 1

Marriage no.2

Old age

The children


Ann Martin

Thomas Martin

?Charlotte Swann

William Henry Warner

Catherine Eliza Warner


The Fleet River and Shoe Lane

Dressmakers and Seamstresses

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