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Ann Kenward

I still haven’t discovered Ann’s origins, other than knowing that her father was William, a harness maker of Lewes.  Who her mother was I do not know, nor exactly when or where she was born.  From her marriage onwards though, the trajectory of her life can be traced, but not without its little mysteries.


Perhaps the most significant thing I know about Ann is that she was only fifteen years old when she married, which is why I have chosen Millet’s portrait of a young lady as my image.  It is dated 1841, when Ann would have been nineteen, .  I have no photographs.  Phillip Mollett’s old photographs include a couple of old ladies, who I suppose could be she, but there is no way of knowing at present.


She seems to have been somewhat confused about where she was born.  The censuses variously declare, Lewes, Brighton and London, so this does not help with establishing her origins.  She is also a bit vague about her age - not always consistent.


I wrote this story, having just completed her husband’s.  As always the exercise of writing up a life often throws up some interesting, tantalising and ultimately frustrating questions about their lives. In Ann’s case it is the last child and her origins (and true age).  Read on.


So here is what I know.  If you know more do get in touch via email. We would love to hear from you.

Ann Kenward

b ca 1822, Lewes or Brighton, Sussex

married Charles Richard Smith 

27 July, 1837, Brighton

d 1891 or 1894



Wilhelmina 1839-?

Frederick Sundius 1841-1914

Richard 1843-1912

Caroline Margaret 1845-1929

Barbara Henrietta Louise 1847-1931

Mary Ann 1850-?

Charles Mollett Sundius 1851-?

Jane Vizeille 1854-?

Wilhelmina Aitken 1857-1936




marriage certificate

birth certificate of Caroline

1841-1891 census records



Hebrew meaning ‘grace’ and one of the all time popular names maybe because it was supposed to be the name of the Virgin Mary’s mother. 


Anna, Annette, Annabelle, Annika, Anita 


Annie, Nancy, Nan

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