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Isabella Jackson

Isabella Jackson

b around 1822 in Dublin

m Charles Lum Bateman 1842, Dublin

d January 28 1908, Dùn Laoghaire



Sarah Frances 1849-1882

I am pretty sure there is at least one more - a girl, but cannot find records





Marriage licence index

Census 1881 and 1901

Probate index

Initially I had chosen a daguerrotype of a rather beautiful young woman to represent Isabella (I have still used it in her story), but then I discovered that in all likelihood her husband Charles died young and as she did not remarry she would have been a widow for most of her adult life.  Hence the portrait above by William Morris Hunt, an American artist, dated 1870.


I did consider not writing a 'story' of Isabella because I know so little, but I guess I know just enough to fill one page.  I live in hope of finding out more.  A woman, so wealthy, you would think would appear somewhere in records.



A version of the name Elizabeth which is of   Hebrew origin and means 'God is satisfied'.  Elizabeth is the mother of Mary - Jesus' mother - so his grandmother.  Isabella was very popular in Spain and France - and Scotland too I think.


Isabel, Isobel


Isa, Tib, Bel, Bella, Belita, Izzie - no doubt the Australians would abbreviate it to Iz.


A Life


Isabella Jackson

James Jackson

Sarah McCreight

Charles Lum Bateman

Sarah Frances Bateman


Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire) and Monkstown

Isabella Jackson

A Life

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