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Yorkshire, County Roscommon, County Cork, Dublin

Anthony Lyster

Walter Lyster 1566-?

Anthony Lyster

Thomas Lyster ca 1663-1726

John Lyster ca 1693-ca1755

Henry Lyster ca 1727-?

John Lyster 1754-1820

Charles Frederick ca 1788-1855

Mary Anne Lyster ca 1835-?1910


meaning and origins

There seem to be two possible sources, both occupational.  The first is from the Middle English ‘litster’ meaning a dyer, and the second is from the Scottish meaning the son of an arrow maker.


Lister, Lester, McLeister

distribution in England and Wales

The majority nowadays seem to be in Yorkshire, though I have to confess that the information I found is a bit unclear - particularly when it comes to older data.

The Lysters, like the Nasons are Irish gentility and somebody has produced the line of ancestors that is shown at the top of the page.  I have not checked it all out, so cannot confirm its veracity.  There are also several branches of the family which originated in Yorkshire way back in the middle ages.


They came into our story via a marriage into the Merrick family, who retained the Lyster name for at least one of their sons.  I have to confess it is a line I have not investigated at all to date - this page is merely a placemarker at this point in time, in a way.


Lyster is sometimes spelt Lister - some family documents that have recently come to light, courtesy of Tom Merrick, have it spelt this way.



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