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Sarah Fuller (ca 1791-1870)


meaning and origins

An occupational surname.  A medieval fuller was someone who ‘dressed’ raw cloth by beating and trampling it in water.  This process thickened the cloth and shrank it, the cloth being made of wool at this time.


Fuler, Fullard Volker, Voller - which leads to Walker and Tucker

distribution in England and Wales

Mostly from the south east and east anglia. - very definitely concentrated in these areas at the time of the 1891 census.

More of a leaf than a tree this one.  So far I only have one ancestor of the name of Fuller.  My efforts to find her parents have so far come to naught - maybe Robert and Susannah (though which Robert and which Susannah?) or maybe Abraham.  So let’s see it as a place marker for more research rather than anything else.


Sarah is not likely to have been well off though.  She married a soldier and spent the rest of her life in straitened circumstances.

Norwich, London and Derbyshire



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