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John Bateman

Charles Lum Bateman - 1820

Sarah Frances Bateman 1849 - 1882


meaning and origins

Two different origins are proposed. One is the keeper of a house of entertainment, and the other is a contentious man, from the Saxon bate, meaning strife, to beat, contention.  Then again it could be from the Saxon ‘bat’ meaning boat.  But then I found there is quite another proposition - that it has evolved from Bartholomew which means one abounding in furrows - i.e. a farmer (from Greek and Hebrew).  The change to Batemen is via the meaning “a servant of Bart’.  I have to say this derivation sounds a bit more far-fetched than the first two.  It is an ancient name though - there are instances as far back as medieval times and seems to have come from the midlands.


Baytman, Batman, Battman, Baitman

The Batemans are Irish - well I imagine that originally, way back, they must have been English.  Bateman is not a very Irish name.  The generations we currently know about were, however, Irish.  And since they seem to be landed gentry the English origin makes perfect sense.


Like the Nasons they seem to have originated in County Cork - there are several Batemans listed there - and subsequently moved to Dublin.  Wealthy - Charles lists no occupation on his daughter’s marriage certificate, but calls himself Esquire - I have learnt a little more now and think he may have been some kind of lawyer but I am not sure.

So not a lot to say about this branch of the family tree.  We would love to hear from anyone who knows more.  Send us an email.

County Cork, Dublin, Lancashire

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