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"We are what we have been"

Penelope Lively



Family trees constantly evolve.  We find out more and so we travel further and further back in time to rediscover our roots.  And at the same time the next generation is coming into being and growing new branches - new life, sustained by the roots.


Couples create life - both now and in the future and this website will try and tell the stories of some of those past couples, for the couples to come.  Me - I am the one at ground level.

If you are part of this growing family please dip in - find something new.  Share with us what you know.

Dearman   Mollett
Merrick/Meyrick  Ellis
Jenkins  Magee
Nason  Richards
These are the names of the eight main lines. Back to the grandparents of the Dearman Mollett marriage.

This website is under construction


Well it always will be won't it.

It is a new version of an old website that had much more complete information.   The old website alas, no longer exists.  Software death.

At the beginning of the new decade of the twenties I have completed the transfer of all the people I had written up on the old website, but not the extras - which are gradually, but less urgently being transferred.

And anyway there is always somebody new whose story I need to tell.

"The present is always present"  Alan Garner
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